Getting started

Creating a course and adding students to it:

  1. Navigate to to create an account. Only University-managed email accounts are allowed.

    Once your email is confirmed, you will be offered to pick from a subscription type.

    If you never used the app before and would like to give it a try before paying for it - you may always stay with a limited 90-day subscription to explore the app in your class. If your academic institution has an institutional subscription, our services will be free for you. We will automatically check and link your profile with your institution.

  2. Once you are ready, add a new course and provide course details.

  3. Ask your students sign up on our platform (if they don’t have an account yet). Student accounts are free. Only University-managed emails accounts are allowed. To be able to use the service, the domain of their email address should match their instructor's.

  4. To let them add your course to their list simply share the link to your course, the QR code or your course's verbal code with them.

That's it. You have them in. Completing all the steps should require no more than 5 minutes.

How to manage attendance:

  1. Every session will have a QR code, a verbal code and a link you may share with your students to enlist them. They may use any of those three methods to report their attendance.

  2. Once they know the code, they may enter it on their mobile device. The system would indicate late arrivals or cheating attempts (reporting attendance while not being in class).

  3. Logging in from your desktop computer, you will be able to view the participation records for every past session and download the overall participation statistics. The CSV file would be easy to integrate with any grade management tool of your choice.

The process is easy and does not take a scientist to perform without any training.

How to manage in-class participation:

  1. During the class, your students will be able to electronically raise their hand. Using the app on your phone, you will be able to select a student you want to speak and award them points for their answers. The automatic queue management will aim towards balanced participation of all students in your class. Students with lowers scores will be given priority.

  2. When selecting a student to speak, you will see their name and their photo on your screen to validate their identity and call them by name. Sound alerts will help you to never miss a raised hand and quickly identify a student's location in the classroom. No more seating charts, asking students to identify themselves, and shameful attempts to figure out how to spell thein name.

  3. Analogical to participation management, you will have easy access to participation history and would be able to download it in one click.

  4. It has never been so easy to communicate with students

Every hand will count

stress free..