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Did you know that managing class attendance and participation records can be a significant drain on resources for universities?

Research reveals that the average university-level instructor spends approximately 10 hours per term on this task alone.

In monetary terms, this translates to an astounding cost of roughly $1200-$1800 per instructor per year

For an average University the cost of this problem ranges around 1.25M a year!

Even as universities increasingly adopt attendance tracking software for efficiency, it proves inadequate in aiding instructors with the real-time tracking of student responses during class.

The current practice involves handwritten notes and manual input, discouraging many instructors from grading class participation due to the cumbersome process without suitable tools.

When students are aware that their contributions go ungraded, it diminishes their motivation to actively participate in class discussions. Consequently, numerous students struggle to articulate their knowledge or express opinions verbally, revealing a notable gap in facilitating meaningful engagement and interaction.


We provide Academic Instructors with a very intuitive and easy to use tool to manage class participation and attendance electronically.

  • Works in any classroom, of any size.
  • Takes no time to set up and does not require any IT resources.
  • Does not require any special skills, training, IT involvement, or even institutional approval.
  • Available to any instructor at a very low cost, which would normally be covered from the teaching funds available to Instructors.

It is time to move away from manual processes and embrace innovative solutions that benefit both institutions and learners alike.

By embracing modern technologies and implementing an automated attendance management system, universities can not only save millions of dollars but also enhance student engagement and optimize valuable instructor resources.

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